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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) may seem like a far-fetched, science-fictional method of treating a variety of maladies, but in truth, this contemporary pain treatment, which uses localized chilling temperatures to sooth irritated nerves, remains one of the most effective ways to reduce symptoms associated with a variety of chronic conditions.

First utilized in Japan in 1978, this medical therapy significantly treats skin conditions and lesions, improves recovery time for athletes, decreases pain and spasms, and also aids in weight loss.

When the body perceives to be in life-threatening conditions, thermal regulation is its natural response which forces it to activate a cascade of survival mechanisms. This reaction is what improves blood circulation, which supplies tissues with adequate nutrients and much-needed oxygen, while also stimulating the body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Performance improvement

Whole Body Cryotherapy has first been embraced by the athletic community since it boosts athletes’ performances and gives them that edge crucial for the win. However, besides enhancing physical readiness, it also speeds up the recovery process after intense workouts and breaks the cycle of chronic injuries.

By lowering your body temperature in a matter of 30 seconds, cryotherapy quickly lowers the amount of so-called post-exertional pro-inflammatory chemicals, resulting in a drastic decrease of mandatory rest time. Also, prior to any competition, cryotherapy is quite beneficial to the inflammatory control systems and circulatory system, which allows measurable gains in aerobic endurance and muscle strength.


Extreme cold sends the body’s metabolic rate sky-high in order to produce heat. This effect will last 5 to 8 hours after the procedure, causing your body to burn around 300-600 calories. The results of whole body cryotherapy differs from person to person, but overall, the benefits and results can include the following:

Less painful joints
Quicker injury recovery
Jumpstarting the immune, nervous, vascular, and lymphatic system


Not only does whole body cryotherapy cause expansion and break down of old skin cells, but it also stimulates the growth of new healthy cells as a result. Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments help the body to heal from various skin conditions including cellulite. Combine other beauty treatments and chemical peels with WBC’s anti-aging benefits, and you will achieve the young and healthy look you desire in no time.

Intro Session


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5 Session Package


($40 per Session)

10 Session Package


($30 per Session)

To find the best option to suit your needs, contact us today and choose one of our whole body cryotherapy session packages, or opt for our membership services, which allow you to combine facial and whole body therapy for a reasonable price per month.


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