For our loyal customers, we have different membership options, each tailored to suit your needs. We offer three options, depending on the number of sessions you can undergo in one month.


3 Sessions Per Month

$99 / month

($33 per Session)

During one month, you can choose the type of therapy you want to undergo. You can combine and choose any from our treatments available – whole body cryotherapy, facial cryotherapy or local cryotherapy. This membership can save you up to $130 per month.

8 Sessions Per Month

$200 / month

($25 per Session)

The more sessions that are included per month, the more you can save. With this membership option, you can also combine different types of cryotherapy during one month. You can choose a different type of cryotherapy for each of the eight sessions.

Unlimited Sessions Per Month

$300 / month

($10 per Session)

Choose the type of cryotherapy you would like to undergo, without monthly limitation. Whole body, face or local cryotherapy – it’s entirely up to you. This option costs $300 and saves you the most money. If you have a need for more than five to eight cryotherapies per month, this membership option is perfect for you. Keep in mind that with this membership packages, you’re limited to one session per day.

Discuss your condition with our team, who will recommend the best membership options to suit your needs.


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