Since Cryotherapy is an alternative to ice baths or treating local areas of the body with ice packs, it is very popular among athletes and people suffering from muscle and joint pain. The low temperature that the body is exposed to reduces pain, soreness and also helps with inflammatory processes in the body.

Local cryotherapy is used as a treatment in sports therapy to treat acute and chronic injuries of soft tissue. Low temperatures stimulate the microcirculation and provide more oxygen to the blood. This highly oxygenated blood serves as a natural analgesic and reduces the tension of the muscles in the area being treated with local cryotherapy. As a result, the muscles in the treated area tend to recover and improve faster, which leads to increased exercise tolerance and the strengthening of both the muscles and the joints, while reducing the risk of injury in the future.

For professional athletes who have intense training sessions, elongated application of local cryotherapy can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the benefits:

Increases sporting performance, by reducing post-traumatic pain in muscles and joints.
Inhibits the inflammatory processes in the body.
Reduces pain and risk of muscle spasms.
Aids in recovery of stress related conditions and decreases overall fatigue.
Reduce swellings and chronic pain.

In combination with Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), this treatment is very effective, which is why many of our customers opt for the combination of the two.

At Cryo Miami, we offer several Local Cryotherapy sessions:

Intro Session


Single Session


Includes a treatment that is 10 minutes long.

5 Session Package


($40 per Session)

This package is suited for those that do not suffer from chronic conditions, but could use a relief and reduction of tensed muscles and joints.

10 Session Package


($30 per Session)

For those in need of full recovery, we suggest our package consisting of ten sessions. You can save up to $200 with this package, instead of just opting for 10 single sessions.


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