Facial Cryotherapy treatment, also known as “freeze therapy”, is a non-invasive and pain free treatment. One of its primary benefits is reducing the wrinkles and fine lines, without invading your facial skin with a needle. By using vaporized liquid nitrogen, the skin is cooled to temperatures close to freezing. Cooling the skin causes the tightening of the microcirculation in the blood stream, also known as vasoconstriction, and then the blood vessels dilate getting rid of all the toxins from the skin.  

Some of the benefits of facial cryotherapy include:

Restoring the firmness of the skin and making it more radiant
Rejuvenating tired and lifeless skin
Soothing any inflammatory process
Treating eczema and psoriasis and reducing itchiness
Lightening scars and other pigmentation irregularities
Treating blemishes and acne

Facial cryotherapy takes 12 minutes, after which you’ll immediately start feeling changes to your skin. The more consistent you are with the treatments, the better the results. Combining whole body cryotherapy with facial cryotherapy sessions will definitely give the best results.

Cryo Miami offers three options for facial cryotherapy:

Intro Session


Single Session


5 Session Package


($40 per Session)

10 Session Package


($30 per Session)

As you may have noticed, the more sessions you book the more money you save. Think in advance and pamper your skin to the fullest.


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